Our Process

Step One: Discovery.

During our initial appointment, you can expect us to learn everything we can about your goals and what is important to you, your current financial situation, your experience with investing, and risk tolerance. This allows us to fully evaluate your current situation.

Step Two: Presentation.

Next, we clarify your goals and present tools and strategies to work toward them. We then identify and define the next steps to get started.

Step Three: Implementation.

We gather necessary information for investment and/or insurance applications and set a timeline for implementation.

Step Four: Review.

By maintaining regular contact with you, we can ensure that your strategy is progressing properly. Semi-annual reviews will ensure that we are on the same page.  We will review performance, outlook, and goals and make adjustments to our approach as needed. As a client, you also have tax professionals at your disposal to prepare your taxes and ensure your investments are made with tax efficiency in mind.